Intera" LLC renders a full range of customs clearance services including the services of the warehouse temporary storage (SVH) in a warehouse.

Temporary storage (SVH) - storage facilities used for temporary storage of the goods, which crossed the state border of the Russian Federation and must be declared under the customs procedures.

All the foreign goods can be stored at the warehouse for temporary storage (SVH) including ones that were imported in the customs territory of the Russian Federation with infringement of Russian Federal Law.

To store the goods at the warehouse it is not required to put the goods under a specific customs regime. It is possible to store the goods at the warehouse before the goods are put under any customs regime.

At a premise of the goods at the warehouse of temporary storage the following documents are submitted to the customs authority:

  • Name and location of the sender
  • Recipient of the goods according to the transport documents
  • Country of departure, country of destination, name of the goods
  • Quantity
  • Number of cargo places, nature and ways of packing and marking goods, the invoice value
  • Gross weight of the goods or the volume of the goods (cubic meters)
  • HS codes (not less than the first four figures)

The customs authorities are not entitled to require more documents for the placement of the goods at the warehouse for temporary storage. In fact, any goods for which the minimum information has been provided, may be placed at the warehouse of temporary storage.

Any goods, even prohibited to be imported to Russia can be stored under the following conditions:

  • The provision of a minimum set of documents
  • Are under customs control;
  • Stored no more than 2 months (by permission of the customs authority - 4 months)

Any operations such as crushing operations, packaging, repackaging and others as well as the transfer of property rights on the goods are not allowed in the relation to goods being temporarily stored

The Company has been operating with the following warehouses of temporary storage:

  • CJSC "Taskom" (Kaluga, s.Rosva; Kaluga customs post, Kaluga excise customs post)
  • LLC "Alfa TRANS Terminal" (Smolensk, Stabna; Stabninsky customs post, Smolensk excise customs post)
  • LLC "Tamarisk" (Saint-Petersburg, South customs post, TK №3 of the North-West excise customs post)
  • OJSC "Sheremetyevo-cargo" (Moscow, Sheremetyevo customs)
  • CJSC "Domodedovo cargo" (Moscow, customs post Domodedovo Airport (cargo)
  • LLC "Grintes" (Togliatti, Samara region, Togliatti customs post)
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